This website was created as a project for Raina Ames' Teacher Planning for Theatre class in the Fall of 2013, and revised by the class in the Fall of 2016.  It is not intended to represent the University of New Hampshire or the Theatre and Dance Department in any way and is only intended to be a resource for current or aspiring teachers to use in planning for their classes or after school programs.  Please visit the following links for more information on the University or the department. 

UNH Theatre Education
Welcome to DramaHub.org! Finally a place where both teachers and students can get resources ranging from improv games to resume help! Drama Hub is a the final collective brain child of the Teacher Planning for Theatre class at the University of New Hampshire. We have complied a number of resources to aid in your search for meaningful theatre education materials. Our headings include a tab for activities where you will find a collection of theatre-based lesson plans and games that will help in any classroom.
This University of New Hampshire Theatre Education Project strives to provide a comprehensive Theatre Education resource to any student or teacher seeking to improve their knowledge of the performing arts.  By providing access to lesson plans, activities, and links to other resources, we hope to make theatre education accessible to all.
What Is DramaHub?
Our Mission